Be YOUnique Project : real talk with real women

Morning darling

We are so very excited to be back again with a new Be YOUnique … and another remarkable woman for you all to meet.

If you don’t remember, or maybe you missed our last post about it … our Be YOUnique project is something that we have been dreaming about and working on for a long time. We got the inspiration to start this project from you. All of you beautiful BOOSHES.

You see … we here at Beck & Boosh are lucky enough to have had so many inspiring, amazing and beautiful conversations with so many amazing women over the years. It has been extraordinary … but we also know … it is not common. It’s rare for women to talk about certain issues. To open up. To share. To be honest with ourselves and each other. And be proud of it and comfortable with it.

So that’s why we decided to start the Be YOUnique project. To sit down with some amazing women and talk with them about real things. Things that we may not get a chance to talk about normally. Things that we might be a little scared to talk about. Things that we might think we are alone in feeling. All in a safe and caring space.

So now … the fun part! We get to introduce you to Alana Hirtle.

Alana is from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia originally, but now works in Truro as a Business Analyst at CBDC NOBL. We were lucky enough to get her to take some time out from her insanely busy work schedule to sit down with us and have a chat. We talked about everything from her strong female influences to her internal monologue. And let me tell you – it was an absolute treat!

When we asked about what challenges or struggles she has faced on her path to becoming the person she is now, she spoke about the difficulty she experienced in understanding her parents divorce when she was younger.

I had some challenges as a child. You know. I had divorced parents. And all the fun that comes with that. The wondering if you were to blame. Wondering about the part you played in it. Did your parents not love you anymore because … you know… they couldn’t live with you. It’s only after you go through stuff as an adult that you realize that you had nothing to do with it. But. As a kid you have all of those thoughts and insecurities.”

She also shared about some “challenging” relationships she experienced in her life. She has had two marriages, both ending but, as she says “not as failures”. She openly acknowledged that there was a lot of positive that came from the experiences. There was a lot of growth that came from them, for all involved. And she happily says that she is not the same person she was 25 years ago … and she’s better for it.

There’s that saying ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ … and it is true. I used to say at one point, if I get any more character, no one will be able to live with me. Haha. I still have it and I keep getting more haha. So you know, what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. And if you learn the lesson and continue forward – you’ve done the work!

We asked Alana some more questions and are so excited to share them with you.


hummm … if I could go back 10 years and say something to myself … it would probably be … ‘smarten the hell up – you got this’.

I’ve done a lot in my career and in my life, and I’m proud of all I have accomplished. But … at many times during it all, I have had those moments of

‘what are you doing?’

Someone is going to find out you’re a fraud. That you don’t know what you’re doing. That you shouldn’t be doing this … and it’s ridiculous. It’s just so ridiculous! You wouldn’t get to the point where you are in a position to do a job, if people didn’t trust that you knew how to do it. But we all have this voice in our head that tells us …

‘you’re not worth it. You’re not worthy. You don’t know what you’re doing. Why would you think you could do this?’

…and it’s about telling that voice to shut-up. Really. So if I could go back and tell myself anything it would be – you got this – you’re good.”


Oh wow! That’s a big question. Big question.

Well you know … if you don’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else? People say that all the time and I used to think it was right. But it’s so true. Sometimes you have to take time for you. Whether that’s a soak in a hot tub at the end of the day. Or meditation. For me meditation is very important. It centers me. Sometimes even in the middle of a crazy work day I will just mute the phone and close the door for a few minutes and … breathe.

Listen to my body and what it’s telling me. And if I’m starting to feel one of those anxious moments and start to ramp up, then I can just be

‘ok let’s breathe into this … figure it out … it’s all good … you got this’

And… yeah… so … just having those moments. For me the biggest thing, I think in the last decade is self awareness. It’s been about figuring out ‘how am I feeling right now?’ . Not pushing things aside. Honoring the emotion that is coming forward. If I need to go have a little cry and stamp my feet … I’ll do it privately. But sometimes you need to just step away from whatever life is throwing at you, and have that reaction. Whether it’s anger, or nervousness, or sadness – whatever it is – it’s important. And I’ve learned to honor that and allow the feelings to come out.


Right. Or let it ruin your day because you are trying to *squash* it down so you can do the other 15 things you have to get done in the next 3 hours. If you just take 5 minutes and allow yourself to feel it, then move on. I mean it changes my whole outlook on things half the time. It’s just a matter of saying ‘I need to honor this – I need to do it now’ and then move forward. So yeah, looking after yourself – for me meditation is a huge thing. And sometimes it’s as simple as, you know I get home from work and ‘I’m going to need 5 to 10 minutes before you talk to me. The cat is going to come up stairs with me and we’re gonna snuggle on the bed’ … I’m a cat lady. And sometimes that’s all you need. And that’s what I do. My little Nutmeg comes with me and we snuggle up and everything is good. And then I can face whatever is happening after that.

And empowering women. As far as empowering other women … I think that’s our job! To raise one another up. There is so much cattiness in the public, mass media, online … you know the ‘what is SHE wearing today?’. That kind of stuff. And not to say that we don’t fall into that trap once in awhile, but, it’s so important to be kind to one another. Especially as women.

What are we doing when we’re not being kind and generous to one another. It just drives me crazy to see it. So, I’ll be in the grocery store and say ‘oh my god, I love that bag!’ or ‘I really love your hair!’ … and women will stop and look at you like you’re nuts. And then they realize, oh she’s being nice to me. Oh! She’s being nice to me!

It’s so simple.

Let’s celebrate. We are all beautiful.

We are all beautiful in our own way. So lets celebrate what makes us all unique and fabulous!


We are so very happy every chance we get to work on this project and we are so excited to do more! Having the opportunity to talk to empowering and inspirational women in our community, plus getting to share all of their stories and life lessons with you all is such an amazing treat!

We will be working on our Be YOUnique project regularly, so keep checking in to meet more amazing women.

If you have a story you want to share, let us know! Get in touch with us at , and thank you so much for joining the conversation.


the Beck & Boosh team


Not your average earring : or how I learned to not be intimidated and love the Ear Jacket

Let’s play a little game

Would you rather have a single pair of earrings? or infinite pairs?

… thought so.

If you’re confused at the moment … don’t worry. It just means that you should probably take a second … and read about ear jackets. You won’t be sorry. Seriously.

You may not have heard of them before, but you have probably seen them. On celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence , Emma Watson,  or Julianne Moore …


or maybe you have seen them on people in the street or at the grocery store. On your friends, maybe? Family?

Even though ear jackets look like a force and you may be a little intimidated by the thought of them, don’t worry. They really are so easy, so versatile, and SO FUN. They work for everyone. For every style. 

… but we are getting ahead of our selves.

FIRST OF ALL … ear jackets may look like an algebra equation for your ears but they really are very simple. They are like all other earring, but instead of just using a simple backing like these guys …


ear jackets are a little different. Sometimes they have a back that has a fun statement piece attached right to the backing itself, like this gorgeous pair that we have in our store …


and sometimes they have an extra piece that you put on, behind your ear and before you put on the traditional earring backing. Like these …


Alright, so now that you know what makes up an ear jacket … we can get to the FUN part! Ear jackets come in all different styles, and they can add that extra little something to any look. Don’t believe us? 

Well then …

Lets take a look at some of the ear jackets that we have, and we can show you just how many different looks and styles ear jackets come in! You’re welcome in advance *wink*

pearl rhinestone

marilyn monroe




See … not that intimidating after all.

There are just a few things to remember when it comes to ear jackets.

  1. you can mix and match ANY pair of ear jackets with other earrings for endless looks
  2. there is seriously NO way you CAN’T rock an ear jacket … seriously … it’s impossible
  3. HAVE FUN with it! 

Now that you are wise in the ways of ear jackets, you should go see all the other beauties we have available. Check out our EAR JACKETS COLLECTION on our website. You wont regret it.

happy accessorizing 

– xoxo Beck & Boosh


be YOUnique, baby


Oh hello there, you gorgeous thing you.

We wanted to take a moment and introduce you to someone. Someone who is absolutely amazing.

Her name is Sarah Wood.


She came in recently and spent an afternoon in the shop for our new Be YOUnique Project. And we couldn’t have been happier. She opened up and shared so much with us. We talked about so many things. Big and small. Fun and heart wrenching. For so long. Maybe a bit too long. Hahaha. But, we got caught up in the magic of the moment. And let’s be honest … that is the whole point of this project. To talk. To share. To be open and honest with ourselves and others. And be proud of it. Heck, it might even help someone.

As women, we have a lot of pressure placed on us from the world around us. All this daily pressure can add up to really impacting our confidence. Some times to the point that … it almost goes away. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful and that is up from 2% in 2004. Yet if a woman confidently and happily calls herself beautiful – she is thought of as conceited. On the flip, if she willingly says that she is ugly – she has low self esteem. It can sometimes feel like it is impossible to win.

That’s why we want to sit down with you all, and share stories. Share experiences. Talk about our hard times. Talk about our awesome times. Lay it all out there!! And maybe, just maybe, we can help each other out.

So now it’s time to meet Sarah. She was born and raised in Truro and decided to settle down here with her husband and 2 fur babies. She shared with us some of the struggles that she has faced on her path so far, saying “Some of the major struggles in my life have been depression and being the ‘token fat girl’. Obesity.” She explained to us how being obese as an adult was the hardest struggle of her life and how it made her feel that she wasn’t worthy of anyone else’s affection – or her own. But with darkness comes light, and Sarah is now nothing but positive radiant light. She has gone through years of personal growth and lost a significant amount of weight, but most importantly – she gained her confidence.

“And I always say the cheesy tag line – I lost the weight, but the best thing I gained was confidence. Because I NEVER had that before. And, not to say that I have the weight loss game won, I think it’s something I’m going to fight every day of my life, but I like where I’m at now. I’m in a good head space. And I just take each day one day at a time, and yeah… I’m happy.

I love me now.

I didn’t love me before. I can say that with 100% brutal honesty. But the girl that looks back at me in the mirror now is someone who I love.”

We asked Sarah some more questions, and wanted to share them with you.



“Ok, so, I’m gonna flip quotes at you. I live by music lyrics and quotes.

My favorite quote in mental wellness is “the greatest distance is the space between your ears”. And it’s amazing to me, because I don’t need any other enemies in this world because I have my own … that exist right here.

On any given day it could be putting our beautiful messages to me, or it could be saying the most hateful, heinous messages that I would never think of saying to another human being on this world. And I wish I could stop that tape recorder. I wish I could change the tape. Have a new message.

So when I talk about my mental health struggles, that’s one that I know I will battle forever. But as long as I have that self-awareness  of it, then I fell I will win. You know, it’s surrounding yourself with good people, it’s taking the time to recharge your batteries. I indulge in yoga, I indulge in great music, time for me. I have two … I call them ‘fur-apists’, they are my two golden retrievers. They are definitely therapy dogs to me, and they are difference makers in my mental mood, for sure.

So that’s the one thing that I wish I could change.

I have to keep fighting that nasty inner Sara that sometimes comes out to play, and this new Sara is not having any part of it.”



“one more quote?

how about that?

Again I preach this to everyone. I get on my little soap box and my red hair is just a flyin’ and i love to tell people. To question them. To quiz them. “What are you pretending not to know?” Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what you should be wearing. Don’t wait for someone else to come up with your style or your likes and dislikes, or what you should be doing in this life time, or the age you should be meeting milestones. Just know yourself. Nobody knows you better. You grew up with you, you had your own life experiences … so what are you pretending not to know? Just be you.”


We are so happy and excited by this project. Getting to talking to empowering and inspirational women plus the bonus of getting to share all of their heartfelt words with you all is an amazing treat.

We will be working on our “be YOUnique project” regularly, so stay tuned to meet more amazing women. 

If you have a story you want to share, let us know. Get in touch with us at


¤ How to Blanket Scarf ¤

Fall is finally here.

That means all of the best things on the planet are in season, including the best fashion accessory in the history of the world, the blanket scarf.

Having it socially acceptable to wrap your body in a giant adorable blanket, is clearly the best thing that has ever been. Having so many different ways of wearing a blanket scarf, and having so many available in the most amazing colors and patterns literally means you can wear a blanket every day this fall AND LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A DREAM!

This is our second fall in our beautiful store and we have had so many people come in and love our blanket scarves, but admit they are too intimidated to try them out. Believe us, we get it! It seems like it would be or should be insanely difficult to wrap, what basically is a small blanket, around your neck and not look crazy … but TRUST US when we say …

you got this.

To help get you started, we decided to show you some really simple and gorgeous ways to wear blanket scarves.

the western copy.jpg









So now that you are the smartest person on the planet when it comes to blanket scarves and how to make them look amazing with little to no effort, why not take a second to look at all ways you can style these beauties.


The “Be” Campaign ∇ Spreading Positivity ∇

Over the past handful of months, we here at Beck & Boosh have been spending a lot of our time talking. The conversation is different. The subject has been put into focus.
We have been developing something really great, overwhelmingly exciting and so much fun … our “Be” Campaign!
be campaign
We want to make people smile. We want to make people happy. We want to make a difference. All of this is the focus and motivating factors behind the #BeCampaign. It has gotten us talking and planning on how we can do our part in making people happy, helping people in need, contributing to and spreading positivity.
First is our #BeKind project. We think showing people that they are special, and that they are valued is essential. That’s why we have made up some super fun gifts for all of you beautiful people out there! You never know when you might get one of these random acts of kindness, and when you do, we hope it makes your day an even better one!
Secondly, we want to cultivate an environment that is supportive and responsive. We want to help foster acceptance and to promote awareness for issues that resonate with us. By working together with groups from our community, and from across the country, we hope to show everyone that they can #BeLoved .We had the pleasure of working with Laing House, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia this past May. Laing House is a peer support organization for youth living with mental illness, where members can embrace their unique gifts and find their way in a caring and supportive environment. We were so lucky to be able to work with them on a fundraiser during Mental Health Week this year.
Our #BeUnique project is an amazingly fun way that we get to help show and celebrate how beautiful and unique you really are … by using jewelry! We know, dream right?
Once a month we will be spotlighting two people, and letting them style one of our Beck & Boosh pieces in any way they want, to show how each person expresses themselves through their own unique style.
And finally,  we always love to see pictures of you wearing your Beck & Boosh pieces! Use the hashtag #BeYou along with #BeCampaign  for us to share the photos of  all of you amazing people that are a part of the Beck & Boosh family!
We love it when you use these hashtags (along with #BeCampaign) to share with us all of the things you do too! We would love to know all of the amazing experiences, events, and people who make your day a little better. Spread positivity with us!
Also, let us know about any suggestions that you might have for collaborations, events, or projects that we can be a part of!
Email us at    
We would love to hear from you!

| A Behind the Scenes Look at the New Beck & Boosh Storefront|

Here at Beck & Boosh we love to play with color, get creative and have FUN. Since opening the store in November 2015, we have loved creating a destination and experience for our customers when they walk through our door.


September 2015 TO DO List: Design floor plan, build walls, lay flooring, paint, assemble furniture etc etc etc etc….


By November 3rd, the Ribbon was CUT!!



It all came together and the response was unbelievable!! THANK YOU Truro, for being SO.VERY.SUPPORTIVE!!




Here’s a view from the outside: Our paper village, all lit up for Christmas 2015


And inside: Tina all dressed up for the holidays


By February we were ready to change up the windows again to celebrate the month of LOVE

Screenshot_2016-01-30-17-14-29-1 copy


Vicki, Rachel and Rebecca, the Beck & Boosh Team, never passes up a good selfie op!

So, last month we decided a little bit of Spring Cleaning was needed to spruce up the store a bit for the Spring and Summer. Having a space to show all of our lovely pieces off to everyone is absolutely a dream come true!


Beck, in her office setting out the jewelry for the new wall displays


Here’s Vicki, working away! A lot of time, thought and organization goes into every aspect of the store to make it something we are so proud to call our own.


What would we do without the talent and creativity of Beck’s Dad, AKA ‘The Woodnut’, as our #1 personal on-call carpenter! Click the video link to see just how much Beck’s Dad does for us: Video



Team work is everything here.


The original store displays… transformed into the below photograph.




We got a little crafty with our scarves. Why not hang them up on a tree branch?


Finding just the right spot for all of our new pieces is always fun.  When Rachel brought in her wooden cactus she had made herself, we found the PERFECT way to display our new sunglasses!




After her holiday debut, Tina needed a fresh Spring look.


Our lovely part time staff, Velvet, is so amazing at being creative. She loves helping Tina look FABulous!




Welcome: SPRING Tina!!


Beck’s Mom is always taking care of us all.


Meet the Team:  Vicki, our Wholesale Manager is there on the left. Then there’s me, Rebecca,the lucky owner of this fabulous company. And Rachel, our Visual Marketing Specialist, on the right.


We are so very fortunate here at Beck & Boosh to have such an amazing team to help run the show as well as super supportive family and friends who do so much for us.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, drop on in to 43 Forrester Street in Truro, Nova Scotia and check it out for yourself, we’d love to see you!

XO Beck_Boosh_circle_black_SMALLest



Well Hello Everyone!

We would like to extend a personal welcome to our Beck & Boosh Blog. As you can see, it is under a bit of construction. We are in the midst of a revamp, so please check back soon for updates and in the meantime feel free to check out our Website to shop and find out more about us!