Farewell from Beck & Boosh


Be sure to scroll to the end to join us on our look back over the years!

Well Booshes, after 7 amazing years pouring my heart and soul into Beck & Boosh, I have decided to start a new chapter and move on to new adventures, making family time a priority and making sure to have a better work-life balance.

Thinking back to when I started, deciding to take the leap into entrepreneurship after teaching for 13 years, I cannot believe how far I have come and what an amazing ride it has been. I hadn’t even worked in a retail store before opening the doors to the Beck & Boosh boutique in downtown Truro! Seeing my designs come to life, traveling around the world, learning about how to run a successful business and meeting the most amazing people along the way have been experiences that I will take with me on this next step of my life journey.

From the continuous support of the town and the community I was able to accomplish more than I had ever imagined. Supporting fellow female entrepreneurs by promoting their local businesses on my sites, organizing an annual festival to celebrate our local women in business, and highlighting women each week on my Women Crush Wednesday media posts were my top priorities. Encouraging women to love themselves, feel confident in their own skin and pointing out how amazing they are can have such a positive impact and was my driving force.

So Booshes, this is farewell. The Beck & Boosh boutique will be closing its door in the next few weeks but I encourage you to continue to lift each other up, tell your loved ones what they mean to you, be kind to yourself and BE CONFIDENT.

THANK YOU for the friendships, the love and the opportunity to learn, grow and live my dream over the last 7 years. But mostly, thank you for your loyal support – I couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s to the next chapter!


To show our thanks we are giving you 50% off EVERYTHING at beckandboosh.com as well as at our store in downtown Truro until our doors close later this month.

A Look Back

There is something about a farewell that stirs nostalgia and a desire to look back over the years. The end is a time to think back to the beginning. While our vision has always been to lift women up and instill confidence, our style and approach continually evolved and refined over the years.

Our photo shoots are the perfect portal to the beginning. Back in 2013 we were much more about the whole look of our models, incorporating outfits and props. We shot at various locations around town, with one of our first shoots being at the new Farmer’s Market before the market moved in!

We LOVED (and continue to love) that our models were real women, every day Booshes who shopped at our store, our friends, some of our favourite people. We always wanted the brand to be relatable so this was a very conscious decision on our part.

We always worked hard behind the scenes to make sure our pieces were photographed to really shine.

We loved shooting around town, taking advantage of the many colours and textures that Downtown Truro has to offer. We were often working a season ahead so on a sweltering July day you may have found us bundled up in scarves and toques, preparing for the launch of our Fall collection.

Once in awhile I even did a bit of modeling but I definitely preferred to be behind the scenes, not in front of the camera!

Also, do you remember that once upon a time we did a men’s photo shoot?

Our last out-and-around town photo shoot was 2016 where we used Truro’s beautiful new library for the back drop. Haven’t our models been absolutely stunning through the years? As kind and talented as they are beautiful!

In 2017, we decided that we wanted the emphasis of our photo shoots and media to be on the pieces, not the location and clothes. We wanted to really showcase the jewelry and felt that letting the models do their thang with a plain white back drop would show off the personality of each piece. Our first “plain white background” shoot was a huge success and we’ve kept with that approach ever since!

Our photographer over the year has been Christine Whelan Photography. It’s been a fun journey, being able to combine our creative energies and grow together. Christine would often click a picture while I was positioning a piece so there are many photos through the years of my hands creeping into a shot.

Every model we’ve worked with embodies the spirit of a Boosh to a tee. The synergy that develops during photo shoots is exciting and the results are truly a team effort.

Speaking of team effort – a woman is only as good as her team. Over the years I’ve had an amazing staff who’ve supported me in so many ways. I am grateful that I was able to surround myself with such talented,  hard-working women. We’ve had so much fun over the years!


Wow, what a ride it’s been. Pouring myself into this business has been an incredible experience and one for which I will be forever grateful. Even though the door to our shop will be shut, I truly hope that our spirit lives on – that when you pop on your favourite Beck & Boosh earrings, you’ll be reminded to be strong, confident and kind.


And always remember!



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