Rolling Sea + Jewelry Design

Designing new jewelry is an integral part of keeping things fresh & unique here at Beck & Boosh – and now you can have a look at the entire process!

TLDR version: Check the video at the bottom to hear from our creative geniuses themselves. Plus the bloopers reel (hi-LARious).

Team Work Makes the Dream Work


When Beck dreams – she dreams big. We’ve had a nautical collection for a long time, but we’re always aiming high to diversify the jewelry while creating something timeless and well loved. When you think of nautical the first subjects that come to mind are anchors, waves, sea shells, maybe some mermaids…

But what about ocean creatures and treasures of the deep?


We’re also lucky enough to be based in Truro, Nova Scotia. AKA low-key the home of the female entrepreneur / lady boss / women who RULE – meaning that we’ve got access and relationships with incredible, talented women who make %&#! happen.

The Rolling Sea Necklace, naturally, was brought to the seriously skilled Alicia of Rolling Sea Tattooery (for which the piece is named). FUN FACT: The original name of the piece was the Octopus Necklace. Not quite as catchy! Much of Alicia’s work can be seen on tattooed individuals all around the maritimes & also on the forearm of Rebecca.


Over a few weeks in late 2018, Beck & Alicia bounced ideas back and forth about what would make a stunning, unique nautical piece. They envisioning ravishing tentacles, delicately wrapped around a shining stone.

Beck & Alicia – celebrating their partnership in jewelry creation

From the initial brainstorming session, Alicia worked her magic and came up with three different designs that embodied a beautiful pendant. In true tattooist fashion these were presented as if they were prepared for fresh ink (How much convincing will it take to get Beck to get these tatted?)


You see – this necklace was not only a collaboration between Boosh-Business Owners, it included ALL of the Booshes who follow along on social media too. We were creating a piece for our customers after all, and how COOL is it to have a hand in the design process?!

On Facebook & Instagram we polled to decide which of the three designs were best suited for a new pendant. It was almost a perfect tie between two and three – the designs that featured the most intricate wrapping of the exquisite tentacles. With all honesty, these designs won us over too – and we decided to do both!

media octopus tentacle and opal sample

Two designs presented a great opportunity to have them vary in finish and featured stone. We opted to create a ‘light’ Rolling Sea necklace, with a square opalite stone & shimmering silver finish PLUS the ‘dark’ Rolling Sea necklace – an oval cut synthetic amethyst stone with an antique silver chain. In the below image, you can see the first designs hot off the mold. Beck & Alicia met to review the samples, and decided the necklace length would be best if it were an 18″ necklace that kissed just below the collarbone, and that the opalite stone would be complimented better by a light silver plated chain.


Once the design was finalized Beck submitted the changes to the Fabrication Sector along with the quantities of each design that was required.



We were all just a litttttle bit excited when the final designs arrived, all set for display and purchase (& distribution to wholesale accounts). Although there are still some steps that have to take place before these fun parts can happen!

After product arrives:
– Mandy receives the product
– Mandy writes the online description for the product
– Jenna photographs the product and uploads final images onto the website
– Christine photographs the product during the collection model photoshoot
– Beck, Mandy & Jenna work together to ensure the listing is #flawless before it is launched and listed as ready to buy.

rolling sea

Product Photos all Set for Online Listing – Versions to show length + detail

Model Photo to Show Accurate Size and Length of the Product

That’s it, Booshes!!! Start to finish we’ve created some badass new jewelry – an ode to our home province, love of the sea, adoration of all things shiny, unique + beautiful, and a collaboration between dazzling minds. Phew!

To wrap it ALL up, we met at Rolling Sea Studio to chat about the process.
Pictured below: Two boss ladies (and Beck’s sweet hair flip)

Are you ready for the video content!?
Hear from the ladies who made it all happen below.

Get your very own Rolling Sea Necklace HERE.


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