Not your average earring : or how I learned to not be intimidated and love the Ear Jacket

Let’s play a little game

Would you rather have a single pair of earrings? or infinite pairs?

… thought so.

If you’re confused at the moment … don’t worry. It just means that you should probably take a second … and read about ear jackets. You won’t be sorry. Seriously.

You may not have heard of them before, but you have probably seen them. On celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence , Emma Watson,  or Julianne Moore …


or maybe you have seen them on people in the street or at the grocery store. On your friends, maybe? Family?

Even though ear jackets look like a force and you may be a little intimidated by the thought of them, don’t worry. They really are so easy, so versatile, and SO FUN. They work for everyone. For every style. 

… but we are getting ahead of our selves.

FIRST OF ALL … ear jackets may look like an algebra equation for your ears but they really are very simple. They are like all other earring, but instead of just using a simple backing like these guys …


ear jackets are a little different. Sometimes they have a back that has a fun statement piece attached right to the backing itself, like this gorgeous pair that we have in our store …


and sometimes they have an extra piece that you put on, behind your ear and before you put on the traditional earring backing. Like these …


Alright, so now that you know what makes up an ear jacket … we can get to the FUN part! Ear jackets come in all different styles, and they can add that extra little something to any look. Don’t believe us? 

Well then …

Lets take a look at some of the ear jackets that we have, and we can show you just how many different looks and styles ear jackets come in! You’re welcome in advance *wink*

pearl rhinestone

marilyn monroe




See … not that intimidating after all.

There are just a few things to remember when it comes to ear jackets.

  1. you can mix and match ANY pair of ear jackets with other earrings for endless looks
  2. there is seriously NO way you CAN’T rock an ear jacket … seriously … it’s impossible
  3. HAVE FUN with it! 

Now that you are wise in the ways of ear jackets, you should go see all the other beauties we have available. Check out our EAR JACKETS COLLECTION on our website. You wont regret it.

happy accessorizing 

– xoxo Beck & Boosh


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