be YOUnique, baby


Oh hello there, you gorgeous thing you.

We wanted to take a moment and introduce you to someone. Someone who is absolutely amazing.

Her name is Sarah Wood.


She came in recently and spent an afternoon in the shop for our new Be YOUnique Project. And we couldn’t have been happier. She opened up and shared so much with us. We talked about so many things. Big and small. Fun and heart wrenching. For so long. Maybe a bit too long. Hahaha. But, we got caught up in the magic of the moment. And let’s be honest … that is the whole point of this project. To talk. To share. To be open and honest with ourselves and others. And be proud of it. Heck, it might even help someone.

As women, we have a lot of pressure placed on us from the world around us. All this daily pressure can add up to really impacting our confidence. Some times to the point that … it almost goes away. Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful and that is up from 2% in 2004. Yet if a woman confidently and happily calls herself beautiful – she is thought of as conceited. On the flip, if she willingly says that she is ugly – she has low self esteem. It can sometimes feel like it is impossible to win.

That’s why we want to sit down with you all, and share stories. Share experiences. Talk about our hard times. Talk about our awesome times. Lay it all out there!! And maybe, just maybe, we can help each other out.

So now it’s time to meet Sarah. She was born and raised in Truro and decided to settle down here with her husband and 2 fur babies. She shared with us some of the struggles that she has faced on her path so far, saying “Some of the major struggles in my life have been depression and being the ‘token fat girl’. Obesity.” She explained to us how being obese as an adult was the hardest struggle of her life and how it made her feel that she wasn’t worthy of anyone else’s affection – or her own. But with darkness comes light, and Sarah is now nothing but positive radiant light. She has gone through years of personal growth and lost a significant amount of weight, but most importantly – she gained her confidence.

“And I always say the cheesy tag line – I lost the weight, but the best thing I gained was confidence. Because I NEVER had that before. And, not to say that I have the weight loss game won, I think it’s something I’m going to fight every day of my life, but I like where I’m at now. I’m in a good head space. And I just take each day one day at a time, and yeah… I’m happy.

I love me now.

I didn’t love me before. I can say that with 100% brutal honesty. But the girl that looks back at me in the mirror now is someone who I love.”

We asked Sarah some more questions, and wanted to share them with you.



“Ok, so, I’m gonna flip quotes at you. I live by music lyrics and quotes.

My favorite quote in mental wellness is “the greatest distance is the space between your ears”. And it’s amazing to me, because I don’t need any other enemies in this world because I have my own … that exist right here.

On any given day it could be putting our beautiful messages to me, or it could be saying the most hateful, heinous messages that I would never think of saying to another human being on this world. And I wish I could stop that tape recorder. I wish I could change the tape. Have a new message.

So when I talk about my mental health struggles, that’s one that I know I will battle forever. But as long as I have that self-awareness  of it, then I fell I will win. You know, it’s surrounding yourself with good people, it’s taking the time to recharge your batteries. I indulge in yoga, I indulge in great music, time for me. I have two … I call them ‘fur-apists’, they are my two golden retrievers. They are definitely therapy dogs to me, and they are difference makers in my mental mood, for sure.

So that’s the one thing that I wish I could change.

I have to keep fighting that nasty inner Sara that sometimes comes out to play, and this new Sara is not having any part of it.”



“one more quote?

how about that?

Again I preach this to everyone. I get on my little soap box and my red hair is just a flyin’ and i love to tell people. To question them. To quiz them. “What are you pretending not to know?” Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what you should be wearing. Don’t wait for someone else to come up with your style or your likes and dislikes, or what you should be doing in this life time, or the age you should be meeting milestones. Just know yourself. Nobody knows you better. You grew up with you, you had your own life experiences … so what are you pretending not to know? Just be you.”


We are so happy and excited by this project. Getting to talking to empowering and inspirational women plus the bonus of getting to share all of their heartfelt words with you all is an amazing treat.

We will be working on our “be YOUnique project” regularly, so stay tuned to meet more amazing women. 

If you have a story you want to share, let us know. Get in touch with us at


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