¤ How to Blanket Scarf ¤

Fall is finally here.

That means all of the best things on the planet are in season, including the best fashion accessory in the history of the world, the blanket scarf.

Having it socially acceptable to wrap your body in a giant adorable blanket, is clearly the best thing that has ever been. Having so many different ways of wearing a blanket scarf, and having so many available in the most amazing colors and patterns literally means you can wear a blanket every day this fall AND LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A DREAM!

This is our second fall in our beautiful store and we have had so many people come in and love our blanket scarves, but admit they are too intimidated to try them out. Believe us, we get it! It seems like it would be or should be insanely difficult to wrap, what basically is a small blanket, around your neck and not look crazy … but TRUST US when we say …

you got this.

To help get you started, we decided to show you some really simple and gorgeous ways to wear blanket scarves.

the western copy.jpg









So now that you are the smartest person on the planet when it comes to blanket scarves and how to make them look amazing with little to no effort, why not take a second to look at all ways you can style these beauties.


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