The “Be” Campaign ∇ Spreading Positivity ∇

Over the past handful of months, we here at Beck & Boosh have been spending a lot of our time talking. The conversation is different. The subject has been put into focus.
We have been developing something really great, overwhelmingly exciting and so much fun … our “Be” Campaign!
be campaign
We want to make people smile. We want to make people happy. We want to make a difference. All of this is the focus and motivating factors behind the #BeCampaign. It has gotten us talking and planning on how we can do our part in making people happy, helping people in need, contributing to and spreading positivity.
First is our #BeKind project. We think showing people that they are special, and that they are valued is essential. That’s why we have made up some super fun gifts for all of you beautiful people out there! You never know when you might get one of these random acts of kindness, and when you do, we hope it makes your day an even better one!
Secondly, we want to cultivate an environment that is supportive and responsive. We want to help foster acceptance and to promote awareness for issues that resonate with us. By working together with groups from our community, and from across the country, we hope to show everyone that they can #BeLoved .We had the pleasure of working with Laing House, based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia this past May. Laing House is a peer support organization for youth living with mental illness, where members can embrace their unique gifts and find their way in a caring and supportive environment. We were so lucky to be able to work with them on a fundraiser during Mental Health Week this year.
Our #BeUnique project is an amazingly fun way that we get to help show and celebrate how beautiful and unique you really are … by using jewelry! We know, dream right?
Once a month we will be spotlighting two people, and letting them style one of our Beck & Boosh pieces in any way they want, to show how each person expresses themselves through their own unique style.
And finally,  we always love to see pictures of you wearing your Beck & Boosh pieces! Use the hashtag #BeYou along with #BeCampaign  for us to share the photos of  all of you amazing people that are a part of the Beck & Boosh family!
We love it when you use these hashtags (along with #BeCampaign) to share with us all of the things you do too! We would love to know all of the amazing experiences, events, and people who make your day a little better. Spread positivity with us!
Also, let us know about any suggestions that you might have for collaborations, events, or projects that we can be a part of!
Email us at    
We would love to hear from you!

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