| A Behind the Scenes Look at the New Beck & Boosh Storefront|

Here at Beck & Boosh we love to play with color, get creative and have FUN. Since opening the store in November 2015, we have loved creating a destination and experience for our customers when they walk through our door.


September 2015 TO DO List: Design floor plan, build walls, lay flooring, paint, assemble furniture etc etc etc etc….


By November 3rd, the Ribbon was CUT!!



It all came together and the response was unbelievable!! THANK YOU Truro, for being SO.VERY.SUPPORTIVE!!




Here’s a view from the outside: Our paper village, all lit up for Christmas 2015


And inside: Tina all dressed up for the holidays


By February we were ready to change up the windows again to celebrate the month of LOVE

Screenshot_2016-01-30-17-14-29-1 copy


Vicki, Rachel and Rebecca, the Beck & Boosh Team, never passes up a good selfie op!

So, last month we decided a little bit of Spring Cleaning was needed to spruce up the store a bit for the Spring and Summer. Having a space to show all of our lovely pieces off to everyone is absolutely a dream come true!


Beck, in her office setting out the jewelry for the new wall displays


Here’s Vicki, working away! A lot of time, thought and organization goes into every aspect of the store to make it something we are so proud to call our own.


What would we do without the talent and creativity of Beck’s Dad, AKA ‘The Woodnut’, as our #1 personal on-call carpenter! Click the video link to see just how much Beck’s Dad does for us: Video



Team work is everything here.


The original store displays… transformed into the below photograph.




We got a little crafty with our scarves. Why not hang them up on a tree branch?


Finding just the right spot for all of our new pieces is always fun.  When Rachel brought in her wooden cactus she had made herself, we found the PERFECT way to display our new sunglasses!




After her holiday debut, Tina needed a fresh Spring look.


Our lovely part time staff, Velvet, is so amazing at being creative. She loves helping Tina look FABulous!




Welcome: SPRING Tina!!


Beck’s Mom is always taking care of us all.


Meet the Team:  Vicki, our Wholesale Manager is there on the left. Then there’s me, Rebecca,the lucky owner of this fabulous company. And Rachel, our Visual Marketing Specialist, on the right.


We are so very fortunate here at Beck & Boosh to have such an amazing team to help run the show as well as super supportive family and friends who do so much for us.

If you are ever in the neighborhood, drop on in to 43 Forrester Street in Truro, Nova Scotia and check it out for yourself, we’d love to see you!

XO Beck_Boosh_circle_black_SMALLest

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