5 Styles of Scarves & How To Wear Them


Sweaters. Boots.
Pumpkins. Leaves. Hot Chocolate.
Crisp Air. Hoodies.
Frosty Mornings. Tea.

Fall is here and we love all that it brings! But we especially love scarves.
A scarf is the perfect intersection of fashion and fun.
You can add a pop of colour and style to any outfit
while keeping snug as a bug as the temperatures plummets.

Whether you’re on your way to work, the rink, the playground or coffee with friends, a scarf is this season’s must-have accessory.
A new scarf is an easy way to update any outfit!
Keep reading as we walk you through 5 different scarves
and how to wear them! 

A full blanket scarf is a socially acceptable way to wrap up in a blanket in public so of course we’re IN! A full blanket scarf is the perfect option for those of you who are always cold (you know who you are!).

If you’re new to this style, you can check out our blog post where we explain allll the simple and gorgeous ways you can wear a full blanket scarf this season. Click here to learn more!

The half blanket scarf is all the coziness of the full blanket scarf but with a little less bulk – perfect for those sunny fall days where it’s too warm to wear a jacket but you need a little extra something to keep the chill at bay!

An infinity scarf is a large closed loop. The best thing about these scarves is how easy they are! Double it up, wear it as a single loop, pull it through – whatever you choose to do, it’s easy-peasy! No fiddling with getting it just right, simply pop it on and go!



The rectangle scarf is a classic that can be worn in a myriad of ways – wear it draped to add a pop of colour to your outfit or
wrap it around your neck for warmth!

We also offer a variation on this classic style with angled ends (pictured above). The angled ends reduce bulk and give this classic beauty
more of a blanket scarf feel.



Elephants are symbolic of courage and strength.
Use promo code ‘STRENGTH’ on your next online purchase
at www.beckandboosh.com and we will include one of our handmade Infinite Strength bracelets for free!
No minimum purchase necessary.



Rolling Sea + Jewelry Design

Designing new jewelry is an integral part of keeping things fresh & unique here at Beck & Boosh – and now you can have a look at the entire process!

TLDR version: Check the video at the bottom to hear from our creative geniuses themselves. Plus the bloopers reel (hi-LARious).

Team Work Makes the Dream Work


When Beck dreams – she dreams big. We’ve had a nautical collection for a long time, but we’re always aiming high to diversify the jewelry while creating something timeless and well loved. When you think of nautical the first subjects that come to mind are anchors, waves, sea shells, maybe some mermaids…

But what about ocean creatures and treasures of the deep?


We’re also lucky enough to be based in Truro, Nova Scotia. AKA low-key the home of the female entrepreneur / lady boss / women who RULE – meaning that we’ve got access and relationships with incredible, talented women who make %&#! happen.

The Rolling Sea Necklace, naturally, was brought to the seriously skilled Alicia of Rolling Sea Tattooery (for which the piece is named). FUN FACT: The original name of the piece was the Octopus Necklace. Not quite as catchy! Much of Alicia’s work can be seen on tattooed individuals all around the maritimes & also on the forearm of Rebecca.


Over a few weeks in late 2018, Beck & Alicia bounced ideas back and forth about what would make a stunning, unique nautical piece. They envisioning ravishing tentacles, delicately wrapped around a shining stone.

Beck & Alicia – celebrating their partnership in jewelry creation

From the initial brainstorming session, Alicia worked her magic and came up with three different designs that embodied a beautiful pendant. In true tattooist fashion these were presented as if they were prepared for fresh ink (How much convincing will it take to get Beck to get these tatted?)


You see – this necklace was not only a collaboration between Boosh-Business Owners, it included ALL of the Booshes who follow along on social media too. We were creating a piece for our customers after all, and how COOL is it to have a hand in the design process?!

On Facebook & Instagram we polled to decide which of the three designs were best suited for a new pendant. It was almost a perfect tie between two and three – the designs that featured the most intricate wrapping of the exquisite tentacles. With all honesty, these designs won us over too – and we decided to do both!

media octopus tentacle and opal sample

Two designs presented a great opportunity to have them vary in finish and featured stone. We opted to create a ‘light’ Rolling Sea necklace, with a square opalite stone & shimmering silver finish PLUS the ‘dark’ Rolling Sea necklace – an oval cut synthetic amethyst stone with an antique silver chain. In the below image, you can see the first designs hot off the mold. Beck & Alicia met to review the samples, and decided the necklace length would be best if it were an 18″ necklace that kissed just below the collarbone, and that the opalite stone would be complimented better by a light silver plated chain.


Once the design was finalized Beck submitted the changes to the Fabrication Sector along with the quantities of each design that was required.



We were all just a litttttle bit excited when the final designs arrived, all set for display and purchase (& distribution to wholesale accounts). Although there are still some steps that have to take place before these fun parts can happen!

After product arrives:
– Mandy receives the product
– Mandy writes the online description for the product
– Jenna photographs the product and uploads final images onto the website
– Christine photographs the product during the collection model photoshoot
– Beck, Mandy & Jenna work together to ensure the listing is #flawless before it is launched and listed as ready to buy.

rolling sea

Product Photos all Set for Online Listing – Versions to show length + detail

Model Photo to Show Accurate Size and Length of the Product

That’s it, Booshes!!! Start to finish we’ve created some badass new jewelry – an ode to our home province, love of the sea, adoration of all things shiny, unique + beautiful, and a collaboration between dazzling minds. Phew!

To wrap it ALL up, we met at Rolling Sea Studio to chat about the process.
Pictured below: Two boss ladies (and Beck’s sweet hair flip)

Are you ready for the video content!?
Hear from the ladies who made it all happen below.

Get your very own Rolling Sea Necklace HERE.


Spring 2019 Beck & Boosh Photoshoot

Ah, spring. The season for melting snow, emerging greenery and all things pretty.
Each spring and fall your girls at Beck & Boosh launch a new jewelry collection – and we wanted to give you an insider peek at the photoshoot process.


Prior to each photoshoot Beck sources the best of the best from our own creations, curated pieces and other artisan jewelry. By combining the styles and unique qualities Beck is able to add to each of our collections (Ranging from classics, to modern vintage & beyond). When considering the addition of a piece to a collection, we assess the allure and function of the jewelry. Often Rebecca, Mandy & Jenna weigh in during meetings critiquing the piece on the style and what it brings to the launch that may be missing.

After all of the jewelry is approved the products are photographed on their own for the website, then patiently await the glamorous photoshoot with our models. We then pair the earrings & necklaces with their best suited matches.

As for our models – they are local Booshes with lots of confidence, kindness & talent in front of the camera. Beck has scouted them in Beck & Boosh and even in a physiotherapist office (girls gotta collaborate, amirite?!)


Early in the morning the assisting team arrives to pair jewelry with outfits. The outfits that you see our models wearing are only worn with one necklace & two earring sets!

Let us introduce you to our Spring 2019 beauties…






& Annie.

For this collection past models Leah & Annie returned to join in the fun, while Jessica made her Beck & Boosh debut.

So Booshes, WELCOME to your insider peek at the Beck & Boosh Photoshoot day.


Our photoshoots occur most often on Fridays at the Beck & Boosh Boutique in Downtown Truro, NS – so if you happen to be shopping that day, you get a little peek at the action in person!


Rebecca assists Christine as the photos happen – Christine is looking at the ‘big picture’ including photo composition while Rebecca ensures every little detail is perfectly positioned to make products look their best.



Final Product model photo of our Canada Script Necklace


Many of the model expressions are achieved as they interact naturally with the team



Final product: with the behind the scenes peek below!




Photoshoot masterminds at work!



A fraction of the wardrobe available to be assigned to the models



As we work our way through photos we also get content and expressions for social media content use.



Once the jewelry is photographed, it is placed on a designated rack to indicate it has been completed.



Leah watches, waiting her turn for the next jewelry to be photographed



Periodically the ladies check in to see if they’ve achieved their desired product



Our ‘backstage’ is pretty fun – full of the chaos of many many outfit changes, hair styling and some attempted naps along the way.



POWERHOUSE of a woman – Hey, Annie!


Christine’s capture of one of our favourite quotes



Models gotta eat too.



Booshes helping Booshes




Jewelry paired with an outfit, waiting for the next model to be available



Many, MANY jewelry changes occur throughout the day



Leah is a great sport as she cheeses in front of the camera for media content!




Christine giving Jessica a peek at just HOW GREAT she was doing!


Our girls posing for the Valentine’s Day banner


We meant it – models gotta eat, and the team does too!



Our seasoned veteran, Annie has all love for the camera



Our wardrobe is incredibly versatile, thanks to handy little clothespins 😉


The photoshoot day is filled with lots of gorgeous jewelry, bubbly models, talent, drive and FUN. Photoshoots for a jewelry collection can most often take four – five hours with a break to recharge in the middle.

Getting to work together with local models & photography talent allows us to connect and collaborate with local Booshes which makes for our favourite kind of day! After Christine has prepared all of the images we select those that display the jewelry most effectively and head to the behind the scenes of our website to add the new content to the products.

Well, are you all set to see the final result!? Head HERE and peep the model photos that pair each of the product photos.



small logo

The Beck & Boosh Story

small logo

Beck & Boosh is a unique and proud East Coast Canadian Company which was brought to life by Rebecca LaPointe – the owner & creative genius behind our female owned AND operated business. Although we sell amazing jewelry and accessories, the driving motivation behind the brand is our goal to encourage women to love themselves and embrace who they are.



Rebecca launched this dream company in 2013, starting in a small basement as an online store where women could find beautiful accessories at affordable prices. Along with selling online, she also set up pop-up shops at festivals, markets and events across the Atlantic Provinces hustling to spread the Beck & Boosh name. Simultaneously Beck was also raising her two young boys and working full time as an elementary school music teacher!


Beck with a table full of Beck & Boosh goods in the early years


It was always a relief when the day was sunny when setting up at outdoor festivals. Rain and wind are not so kind.


In September, 2014 Beck & Boosh set up at a Kiosk for the holiday season at Mic Mac Mall in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – it was a huge success!

After one year spent between growing the brand as well as being a full time teacher & mother, Rebecca realized that a choice had to be made between her teaching career and the jewelry business. With the support of her amazing husband, she spread her wings and soared into being a full time self-employed entrepreneur (Talk about goals!). Beck then rented out an office location near downtown Truro where she started offering a free pick-up option to her local customers to save them the shipping costs.

With the new location, ladies picking up their orders at the office loved getting to view the products and yearned to touch and feel the gorgeous quality of the display items. This inspired Rebecca and her new team of Booshes to launch the opening of our store front location in the heart of downtown Truro in November, 2015.


If you’ve ever had the chance to visit us in our store in Truro, Nova Scotia, THIS was what it looked like when we first got into it!


Placing our logo sign outside of our headquarters at 43 Forrester Street, Truro, NS.


Beck was pretty pumped on our store Grand Opening Day


And here’s a little peek into our little slice of heaven after we opened!



Well, we’re glad you asked – It just so happens that you might be one! A ‘Boosh’ is a term that Beck has coined to describe a ‘strong, confident woman who is kind to themselves and empowers others’.

boosh definition for log

It is important to us at Beck & Boosh to do all things with the mentality of a ‘Boosh’. We make it our mission to collaborate and design projects with a positive impact on the women and girls in our community and beyond. Through donations, volunteer work and fundraising initiatives to local women’s groups such as Lotus House & the Central Nova Women’s Resource Center, Beck & Boosh has been empowering women both locally and sending long-distance love for nearly six years.

More recently, we’ve focused on collaborations with local organizations and nonprofits to contribute a portion of our proceeds of particular pieces to charity. We like to think of these as ‘pieces with power’.


Projects such as our #WomanCrushWednesdays allow us to highlight amazing women every Wednesday on our Facebook & Instagram pages who are true Booshes in every sense of the word. Some women that we choose to highlight are individuals we look up to, or who have impacted us personally. Others are nominated by people in their lives who happen to be members of our faithful social media following.

In addition to the #WCW posts, we run a campaign titled BeYounique. The highlighted ladies are local women who are successful, kind and working to make an impact either locally and/or globally.  We interview them in a casual setting and invite them to tell their story of how they’ve arrived where they are today, while empathizing with their struggles and celebrating their lessons learned. Our hope with BeYounique is to encourage other women to embrace their strengths and talents, and realize that even their previously thought imperfections are part of what makes them perfectly unique.

Supporting each other as women is, and always has been, something very important to our company. 


Our jewelry & accessories are designed, created and curated with the everyday woman in mind. Quality, fashion and function are all taken into account as we bring together each collection. Rebecca has traveled worldwide to fashion hotspots such as New York, Las Vegas and Hong Kong to meet and establish relationships with some of the manufacturers who bring her designs to life.




Our process involves constantly designing and curating new pieces to provide our customers with unique and fresh pieces each season. The designing process takes 4-6 months from start to finish! As we design, Rebecca considers current trends, classic designs and meaningful pieces that are ideal for gift giving. We do all of this with an affordable price tag, so there’s no associated guilt when you want to #TreatYourself.

We have so much fun designing jewelry, that we occasionally involve our customers in the process. Customer opinions and great service are top priorities, so if you have an outstanding idea, we’d love to hear it! An example of this is a customer who expressed their difficulty finding a nice piece of jewelry dedicated to ‘hockey moms’. Rebecca drafted a few possible designs, and after review with local hockey moms the necklace came to life! The model for this piece was even the mom who first suggested the necklace.

Stay tuned for our April blog post on the collaborative creation of our Rolling Sea Necklace – created with Alicia of Rolling Sea Tattooery!




Since 2013, we’ve been providing Beck & Boosh products to shops and boutiques all over the country. The wholesale family of Booshes primarily consists of female entrepreneurs with their own small businesses. We LOVE wholesaling, because it means we can expand the reach of Beck & Boosh kindness and fun! We can share our message with women everywhere, which means a whole lot to us.

The sense of community is invaluable and we appreciate the stylistic opinions of the trailblazers who are in our wholesale community. We’re often able to collaborate on various projects with the boutiques, which leads to growth for us all.

To see a list of the AMAZING places to find Beck & Boosh jewelry + accessories head here.


We know that motto may seem cliché – but it is resoundingly true for the Beck & Boosh team. Over the years we’ve had numerous kick-butt BOOSHES on our dream team, it is the combined effort of dedicated women that makes everything happen.



The Beck & Boosh staff work as a team, crushing it every single day, always making sure to have fun while we’re doing so. Have a look at our Instastories – it gives a little behind the scenes look into our business lifestyle!

                                                       Until Next Time Booshes XO

Facebook: facebook.com/BeckandBoosh
Instagram: @BeckandBoosh
Twitter: @BeckandBoosh


BeYOUnique with Shannon Benoit: Real Talk with Real Women.

Shan TB

We’re back Booshes and we are sooo excited to be doing what we LOVE: Connecting with strong, confident and kind women who inspire us to be our best selves.

We ALL  get caught up in our day to day stresses, struggles and triumphs that sometimes we forget to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful fleeting thing called life.  Our recent enlightening chat with Shannon Tayles-Benoit has reminded us of the importance of this.

Shannon spoke with us about the things that she feels make her unique and how she gains her confidence, and we learned about all of her OUTSTANDING athletic accomplishments this

If you’ve been a long term blog follower you’ll be familiar with our casual question and answer sessions. We have a few standard questions that we ask our guest Booshes and continue the conversation on from the responses. One of our favorite answers from our interview with Shannon came from the question

“What do you wish all little girls were taught about themselves?”

Her answer:

” I wish that we were all taught that other women weren’t the competition, that we were all here to support each other, rather than compete against each other…”.

Shannon and her down to earth personality made for easy and real conversion. This phenomenal woman works 3 jobs – including being a part owner of a business, working for a local photography company and being a Math teacher. She and her Husband are raising a family of 3 beautiful children. If you haven’t noticed the theme of threes with this super star  she recently set 3 Canadian National Records at the Canadian Nationals for Olympic Weightlifting Masters , during that same weekend she also set a  Pan Am record! They say good things come in 3’s and Shannon has taken that to the next level!

Take a moment to watch a clip  from our time with Shannon. Grab a cup of coffee, and join the conversation.

Until next time Booshes. ♥♥♥♥






be YOU-nique project : real talk with real women

Morning darling

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time again.

Time for us to introduce you to another remarkable and amazing BOOSH and add another chapter to our Be YOUnique Project. 

If you aren’t familiar with our Be YOUnique Project, let us tell you … it’s pretty awesome.


So we’re a little bias … but it really is amazing.

We sit down with phenomenal women once a month to hear their story. They share their strengths and weaknesses with us. Talk to us about struggles they have faced. Hardships they’ve endured. Growth they’ve experienced. Lessons they have learned.


If you’re interested in reading the past posts, there will be a link at the bottom where you can continue to get inspired by more amazing women.

But right now, we are honored to introduce you to Alanna Fawn Syliboy.


Alanna is 33 years old and originally from Sipekne-katik in Shubenacadie, but now lives in Enfield, Nova Scotia. She works for The Confederacy of Mainland Mi’kmaq as a DENR Community Liaison Officer. She has 2 beautiful kids. 10 year old Mia and 5 year old Dominique, that she has been raising on her own. So you can imagine … she’s a busy women. Which is why we felt very lucky that she was able to find some time to sit down with us. While she was in, we talked a lot. About a lot of things. Some happy. And some tragic. As she shared the events of her life … it was hard to hear some of it … but it was beautiful at the same time. To see the strength in Alanna while she shared her story … it was so powerful and moving.

We asked Alanna some questions and are so happy to share them with you now.


“Yes. I got bullied in Junior High and High School a lot. From a lot of girls that would gang up on me … they would make fun of my eyebrows … because, they were a lot bushier hahaha … but they would just make fun of me because I never really fit in with my own community members and I never real fit in with the outsiders. I was always sort of stuck in the middle.

Being a first nations person, it was hard to be accepted by my own people, and be accepted by others. I got bullied a lot by a lot of people because of my looks. It was a big struggle for me. I had to find my own confidence. But my parents always had my back.

So yeah … that was High School. Then when I was 21, I had my first child … unfortunately he passed away when he was five. But I did get five years with him … and I think he came into my life as a blessing. He made me stronger as a person. He gave me patience and kindness … and everything that I am today is because of what he did for me in those five years. Because he kept me grounded. And he also made my bond with my father a lot bigger and a lot stronger. My dad was right there for me. I was a single mom. First baby. So my dad was my rock, and he still is to this day.

So … not only that … I was in multiple abusive relationships. Where it was bad. Pretty bad. The year that my son passed away, the following year my sister passed away and then the following year after that my mother passed away. And the year my mother passed away, I was pregnant with my youngest son. I have three kids … but one is deceased, so I have two. The year my mom passed away, I was pregnant with my son Dominique. He’s five now, and will be six in October. So, my mom never got to meet him … and that’s something that I struggle with. And he was also born at 30 weeks, so he was 3 lbs and 9 oz, so I almost lost him. I went into early labor because of the stress of my mothers passing. But he pulled through, and now he is a very, very active 5 year old.

He makes my world light up. Him and his sister. My daughter is 10, her name is Mia, and she is the most beautiful girl ever. That you could ever imagine. She makes me so proud to be a mom. She tells me every day how much she loves me and how proud she is of me. She supports me in every way she can … sometimes she thinks I work too much hahahaha. But you know … I am a single mom, and I’ve been doing it now for awhile by myself. But the bond they have is amazing. I couldn’t ask for better children. People compliment me and say ‘you’re doing an amazing job’, but I’m just doing what I have to do. I’m giving everything. I work. I take care of a house and 2 children all by myself. You know?But I have my dad there as support.

For a long time I struggled to find employment because I had moved away. I had to move away because of the situation I was in. So where I moved to, it was very hard for me to get a job because I was a first nations person. I just felt very isolated … and I did feel racism there. I still currently live there and it’s a little bit of a struggle. So I tried and I tried and I tried … and I couldn’t get a job. And actually my friend had asked if I was looking, and I said yeah. He said there was an opening at his office, and he said that I should apply. And I was like ‘ok, yeah!’, and so I did. I dropped my resume off … 3 times because they lost it hahahaha.

So … I was the only one who applied, which was really amazing. So I didn’t have to go for an interview and I got the job. It was only a 6 month contract, and I was a little worried, because I didn’t know what I was going to do at the end of the 6 months. So I worked my butt off. I did what was needed to be done by me, plus more. I kind of created more work for myself. Which lead me to be hired on as a Project Assistant in the Climate Change department for the Mi’kmaq Conservation Group. So I had a year contract with them and so at the end of the year, because it’s a non-profit, I was like ‘what am I going to do?’. But my boss said ‘No, we’re going to hire you on again. Here’s your contract.’ So I was the Community Coordinator for another year.

So I did my 2 years … and actually this April is a big milestone for me because I am now a permanent employee. So, it was pretty good. My boss was like ‘please don’t cry this time!’ hahaha because the first time she offered me the job I cried. I was just like ‘thank you so much’, and she said ‘but you did this. You put yourself out there, and you did what you needed to do and I noticed how much of a hard worker you are.’ and I cried and gave her the biggest hug. So in April she was like ‘please don’t cry!’  haha I said ‘I wont, but can I at least hug you?!’. It was a big thing in my life … and now I don’t have to worry.


“Probably nothing.

Because I get a lot of compliments on how kind I am. How selfless I am. How I help other people and how good of a person I am, and how amazing of a person I am. Sometimes I don’t feed into it … because I’m just being who I am. I just do what I have to do.

And everything that I went through in my life, up to today, has lead me to where I am. So I wouldn’t change anything. I wouldn’t say anything or do anything to change it … because it wouldn’t make me who I am today

… and I’m pretty proud of who I am.”


“This is the one I struggle with, because I do have a little girl. But I tell her every day that she is beautiful and she’s smart.

I think they should just be themselves and embrace who they are. Everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way. Just embrace it.”


“That’s a hard one. That’s a huge one.

And I’m going to have to probably say my mother.

And my ancestors.

My Grandparents, and my Grandparents parents … because with out them and without their struggle … I wouldn’t be here. Without their perseverance … I wouldn’t be here. I have to look up to them because they made my parents, and my parents made me.

And my mom too, when she met my father she had 2 kids and my dad accepted her and loved her. The bond that my parents had was beautiful. She also went back to school when she was 50. She got her grade 12. That was a really big moment for us, because I was there on her graduation day with my daughter. It was a good day.

Then after that she went to the Akerley Campus at the NSCC and got her Baking Degree. She was already a good cook anyway, but she went and she got her Pastry and Bakery Arts Degree at the NSCC.

She always put everyone else first, then herself. So I really admired her for that.”


“It means a lot to me.

It means that you guys see potential in me. See something in me that I don’t see, maybe. It means that I can be a role model for others. It gives me confidence. It gives me something to tell my dad about so he can be proud of me. It makes me feel like … there’s hope for people. I’m just a small town person … this … this is … to me this is a big thing.

This entire time I have been thinking about my daughter. What I would I want my daughter to hear, what I would want my daughter to say, because I want her to grow up with the confidence I have now. To get it now, while she’s at a young age. I think it would be very helpful.

And I just think, being a part of this entire thing is a blessing. I’m very very blessed, and very very privileged to be a part of this.

I’m nervous, but I’m excited because this is another thing that I can be proud of.

We are so very happy every chance we get to work on this project and we are so excited to do more! Having the opportunity to talk to empowering and inspirational women in our community, plus getting to share all of their stories and life lessons with you all is such an amazing treat!
We will be working on our Be YOUnique project regularly, so keep checking in to meet more amazing women.
If you have a story you want to share, let us know! Get in touch with us at customerservie@beckandboosh.com , and thank you so much for joining the conversation.
the Beck & Boosh team

Be YOUnique Project : real talk with real women

Morning darling

We are so very excited to be back again with a new Be YOUnique … and another remarkable woman for you all to meet.

If you don’t remember, or maybe you missed our last post about it … our Be YOUnique project is something that we have been dreaming about and working on for a long time. We got the inspiration to start this project from you. All of you beautiful BOOSHES.

You see … we here at Beck & Boosh are lucky enough to have had so many inspiring, amazing and beautiful conversations with so many amazing women over the years. It has been extraordinary … but we also know … it is not common. It’s rare for women to talk about certain issues. To open up. To share. To be honest with ourselves and each other. And be proud of it and comfortable with it.

So that’s why we decided to start the Be YOUnique project. To sit down with some amazing women and talk with them about real things. Things that we may not get a chance to talk about normally. Things that we might be a little scared to talk about. Things that we might think we are alone in feeling. All in a safe and caring space.

So now … the fun part! We get to introduce you to Alana Hirtle.

Alana is from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia originally, but now works in Truro as a Business Analyst at CBDC NOBL. We were lucky enough to get her to take some time out from her insanely busy work schedule to sit down with us and have a chat. We talked about everything from her strong female influences to her internal monologue. And let me tell you – it was an absolute treat!

When we asked about what challenges or struggles she has faced on her path to becoming the person she is now, she spoke about the difficulty she experienced in understanding her parents divorce when she was younger.

I had some challenges as a child. You know. I had divorced parents. And all the fun that comes with that. The wondering if you were to blame. Wondering about the part you played in it. Did your parents not love you anymore because … you know… they couldn’t live with you. It’s only after you go through stuff as an adult that you realize that you had nothing to do with it. But. As a kid you have all of those thoughts and insecurities.”

She also shared about some “challenging” relationships she experienced in her life. She has had two marriages, both ending but, as she says “not as failures”. She openly acknowledged that there was a lot of positive that came from the experiences. There was a lot of growth that came from them, for all involved. And she happily says that she is not the same person she was 25 years ago … and she’s better for it.

There’s that saying ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ … and it is true. I used to say at one point, if I get any more character, no one will be able to live with me. Haha. I still have it and I keep getting more haha. So you know, what doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. And if you learn the lesson and continue forward – you’ve done the work!

We asked Alana some more questions and are so excited to share them with you.


hummm … if I could go back 10 years and say something to myself … it would probably be … ‘smarten the hell up – you got this’.

I’ve done a lot in my career and in my life, and I’m proud of all I have accomplished. But … at many times during it all, I have had those moments of

‘what are you doing?’

Someone is going to find out you’re a fraud. That you don’t know what you’re doing. That you shouldn’t be doing this … and it’s ridiculous. It’s just so ridiculous! You wouldn’t get to the point where you are in a position to do a job, if people didn’t trust that you knew how to do it. But we all have this voice in our head that tells us …

‘you’re not worth it. You’re not worthy. You don’t know what you’re doing. Why would you think you could do this?’

…and it’s about telling that voice to shut-up. Really. So if I could go back and tell myself anything it would be – you got this – you’re good.”


Oh wow! That’s a big question. Big question.

Well you know … if you don’t love yourself, how can you love anyone else? People say that all the time and I used to think it was right. But it’s so true. Sometimes you have to take time for you. Whether that’s a soak in a hot tub at the end of the day. Or meditation. For me meditation is very important. It centers me. Sometimes even in the middle of a crazy work day I will just mute the phone and close the door for a few minutes and … breathe.

Listen to my body and what it’s telling me. And if I’m starting to feel one of those anxious moments and start to ramp up, then I can just be

‘ok let’s breathe into this … figure it out … it’s all good … you got this’

And… yeah… so … just having those moments. For me the biggest thing, I think in the last decade is self awareness. It’s been about figuring out ‘how am I feeling right now?’ . Not pushing things aside. Honoring the emotion that is coming forward. If I need to go have a little cry and stamp my feet … I’ll do it privately. But sometimes you need to just step away from whatever life is throwing at you, and have that reaction. Whether it’s anger, or nervousness, or sadness – whatever it is – it’s important. And I’ve learned to honor that and allow the feelings to come out.


Right. Or let it ruin your day because you are trying to *squash* it down so you can do the other 15 things you have to get done in the next 3 hours. If you just take 5 minutes and allow yourself to feel it, then move on. I mean it changes my whole outlook on things half the time. It’s just a matter of saying ‘I need to honor this – I need to do it now’ and then move forward. So yeah, looking after yourself – for me meditation is a huge thing. And sometimes it’s as simple as, you know I get home from work and ‘I’m going to need 5 to 10 minutes before you talk to me. The cat is going to come up stairs with me and we’re gonna snuggle on the bed’ … I’m a cat lady. And sometimes that’s all you need. And that’s what I do. My little Nutmeg comes with me and we snuggle up and everything is good. And then I can face whatever is happening after that.

And empowering women. As far as empowering other women … I think that’s our job! To raise one another up. There is so much cattiness in the public, mass media, online … you know the ‘what is SHE wearing today?’. That kind of stuff. And not to say that we don’t fall into that trap once in awhile, but, it’s so important to be kind to one another. Especially as women.

What are we doing when we’re not being kind and generous to one another. It just drives me crazy to see it. So, I’ll be in the grocery store and say ‘oh my god, I love that bag!’ or ‘I really love your hair!’ … and women will stop and look at you like you’re nuts. And then they realize, oh she’s being nice to me. Oh! She’s being nice to me!

It’s so simple.

Let’s celebrate. We are all beautiful.

We are all beautiful in our own way. So lets celebrate what makes us all unique and fabulous!


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