Our Mission


So, as you know we’re all about empowering women here at Beck & Boosh. Just check out our Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to celebrate and decorate the real modern woman.
Each piece is created to enhance and compliment YOU and your unique style.
To keep you feeling confident for whatever the world throws at you.


 Pretty deep, eh? Well we mean it. Decorating you in fabulous jewels is the easy part, but how could we possibly celebrate every one of you in your diverse and powerful feminine glory? It’s a big  job but we’re committed to it. It’s our mission. Picture us in super badass matching black secret agent outfits complete with Beck & Boosh accessories scaling walls and fighting….well, anything that gets in the way of gals feeling great about themselves.

What’s your Mission Statement? Words of wisdom you live by?  How do you define today’s modern woman?  These ladies have some great things to say….
body shop
Remember your own personal mission statement and use those words to get out there and kick some serious butt!



A Much-needed Update!

Well, it’s been awhile since we updated this. Lots has changed in the world of Beck & Boosh. Did you know we are TWO companies now?! We expanded into sister companies in July. The HOME t-shirts are now their own company called My HOME Apparel owned by Miriah. Beck & Boosh is now Beck & Boosh  Jewelry + Accessories owned by Rebecca. Thank you to everyone who has supported us to lead to this incredible growth!


Hmm, what else is new? OH, we opened a brand new Beck & Boosh store!! We are now permanently at 43 Forrester Street in Truro with a lovely boutique for you to shop with exclusive in-store pieces, a Custom Jewelry Bar, and we’re getting into more accessories like scarves and trendy purses. Our office/ Beck & Boosh World Headquarters is here too.


Beck cutting the ribbon on opening day, November 3rd 2015!


Our Champagne & Lace collection in our brand new store.


We have scarves now! In store and online!

We had our Grand Opening bash on December 12th 2015!

Can you believe it’s almost Christmas?! Where did the year go? Lots happened this year and we’re excited to bring you even more amazing things in 2016.


Stay tuned to see where else you’ll be able to find Beck & Boosh, we’ll be in even MORE locations across the country…aka your favorite little local shops. ( Pssst: If you want to see our shiny things at some local boutique  you adore, comment below to tell us where!) We’re working on creating a killer new line of jewelry for spring, including brand new handmade designs AND a wedding collection!

Happy Holidays.
Be Merry!

2015 Spring Fashion Trends: Tranquil Simplicity

Here at Beck & Boosh we focus on three new trends every season because as we all know, with every new season comes new and exciting styles! Let’s start with: Tranquil Simplicity.

Grean leaves over zen stones pyramid on water surface

Peace & Balance. This is what we need to strive for! Photo found on: store.planetbliss.ca

Allow your jewelry to transport you to a calmer place with dainty, symbolic pieces. As our lives become more hectic, it is important to remember to take time for ourselves and connect to the peace around us. Our Tranquil Simplicity pieces all tell a story and carry significance with the various symbols, genuine stones, and calming colors. Here we will explore Beck & Boosh’s NEW Tranquil Simplicity Collection along with some of the fashion trends that inspired us along the way.


The new Handmade Beck & Boosh To the Moon & Back Necklace is a perfect meaningful & symbolic gift to give on any occasion. // All clothing provided by Pseudio Clothing Company // Photographer: Wonkyeye Photography // Photoshoot location: Joyful Yoga Studio 


Shop the Necklace: To the Moon & Back // All clothing provided by Pseudio Clothing Company // Photographer: Wonkyeye Photography // Photoshoot location: Joyful Yoga Studio

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – CoCo Chanel


Not only is minimal & dainty jewelry in style, so is clothing! Picture Courtesy of: bcbg.com


Solid colored Playsuits are super on trend this Spring. Pairing it with simple/layering jewelry really makes the outfit pop. Photo Courtesy of: www.manrepeller.com


Beck & Boosh HOME Tartan Tanks are symbolic of where you call Home! They are easy to throw on for doing errands, going to the beach and even Yoga // Photographer: Wonkyeye Photography // Photoshoot location: Joyful Yoga Studio 


With it’s gorgeous abstract flower designs and pastel colors the Beck & Boosh Floral Scarf will give any outfit a breath of fresh air! Shop the scarf here: Spring Floral Scarf // All clothing provided by Pseudio Clothing Company // Photographer: Wonkyeye Photography // Photoshoot location: Joyful Yoga Studio 


Our triple layered Over the Moon Necklace will add a gorgeous touch to your everyday outfit. Get the trendy layered look in just one necklace, making “get the look” effortless! // All Clothing provided by Pseudio Clothing Company // Photographer: Wonkyeye Photography // Photoshoot location: Joyful Yoga Studio 


Layering Dainty Jewelry is ON trend! Having the different lengths of chains creates such a unique look and will go with every outfit possible! Photo Courtesy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/layeredandlong


The Lotus Flower symbolizes how beautiful you are and how each day is a new beginning. The pop of color on the shorter layer brings life to this dainty piece. Our Lotus Necklace comes in Silver AND Gold!


Shop all of our Tranquil Simplicity jewels here under What’s HOT // All Clothing provided by Pseudio Clothing Company // Photographer: Wonkyeye Photography // Photoshoot location: Joyful Yoga Studio

We hope this has helped guide you with different ways of wearing your jewelry. Telling a story through the way we wear our jewels is truly inspiring. Make sure to tag us in your photos and show us how YOU wear your Tranquil Simplicity jewels! #beckandboosh Stay tuned for future blogs all about our other two trends: Eastern RootsUrban Elegance Until the next trend, xo Beck & Boosh

Local Gems Part 2: Colchester County Edition

Colchester County is an incredible place to live. There are so many great places to see and visit. It is here that Beck & Boosh began and where our roots will always remain! In our second edition to “Local Gems” we are sharing our love of a few of the amazing spots around Colchester County.

1) Masstown Market: Masstown Market has truly grown to be a huge provincial landmark and an important part of Colchester County! It recently won the top family destination in West Colchester. We are so lucky that it’s just down the road. You can get all your groceries with the freshest produce, grab some fresh baked goods, stop at the restaurant or the Fish Boat in the Summer (try the sea food chowder, it’s SO good!) browse the unique gift shop (they have a little of every thing!) and end your trip with some delicious ice cream! It’s truly a staple and a spot you HAVE to check out! Oh, and did we mention they sell our HOME shirts?!


Masstown Market – In this picture is the Fresh Fish Market (the Light House) Stop in to get the freshest fish and climb to the top of the light house to see the incredible view! Also pictured is the Fish Boat. An outdoor restaurant with yummy seafood!


Masstown Market has the best and most unique gift shop! They are constantly updating it per trends & season! They help support local businesses, by carrying local products, like our HOME & PROUD shirts!

2) Sugar Moon Farm: Sugar Moon Farm is a maple farm & also a restaurant! It’s open year round & a great spot to go with the family and friends for the day! They offer a delicious breakfast served all day (pancakes with pure maple syrup – need I say more?), sugar camp tours, hiking trails, and also private parties and seasonal Chef’s Nights! It’s quite the experience and we highly recommend checking it out!


Photo Credit: Gillian Wesley from http://halifaxbloggers.ca/thelocaltraveler/                               Also check out their blog all about Sugar Moon Farm here: http://halifaxbloggers.ca/thelocaltraveler/2014/12/12-dates-of-christmas-sugar-moon-farm/

3) The Nook & Cranny: The Nook & Cranny is a great spot where you can go and eat a great meal with local ingredients. They focus on local producers and local Maritime Craft Beers! They recently announced that they will becoming a brew pub as well! Also with the warmer weather, they have a huge outdoor patio that you can sit on and enjoy your meal!


This is a great shot of the Nook & Cranny at night time with it’s outdoor patio! Photo Credit: Babineau Photography (Babineau Photography is located in down town Truro!)

4) NovelTea Bookstore Cafe: Looking for a very welcoming Cafe where you can enjoy a beverage (coffee, latte, peppermint teas, etc)  a sweet treat & purchase some books? NovelTea is the place to be! It’s right around the corner from our office and a favourite spot for us to visit!


NovelTea Bookstore Cafe – Check out the awesome set up which includes Books glued together! So unique & fun!

5) Truro Farmers Market: The Truro Farmer’s Market is officially open for the season and we couldn’t be more excited! Located in the Old Truro Fire Hall, the vendors use both the indoor & outdoor space to set up! You can find everything from fresh veggies, jellies. preserves, baked goodies to beauty products and natural soaps! So many local farmers & artisans set up and their wares at the Market. There is always live music and a little bit of everything for EVERYONE! For a full list of the amazing vendors click HERE


The Truro Farmer’s Market – View from the outside! We’re so lucky to have this here in Truro.

We mentioned in our first Local Gems edition that there are SO many incredible places in Truro and Colchester County as a whole and these are once again just a few more to add to your list of places to visit!

If you have not checked out our first edition of Local Gems please click this link to head on over:

Local Gems: Truro, Nova Scotia Edition 

We LOVE where we live and we want to continue spreading the love!

Until the next edition,

xo Janet/Beck & Boosh


Collab with Wild Rosebuds & Boho and Braids

Recently we collaborated with two amazing Bloggers: Wild Rosebuds & Boho and Braids. We wanted to show you how each of these lovely ladies styled their Beck & Boosh Crumpled Dangle Earrings & Statement Fringe Necklace in their own way. They both took the time to share what inspired the outfits they chose to feature with the jewels:

Boho and Braids: “This outfit was completely inspired by my gorgeous Beck & Boosh jewellery. The fringe from the necklace gives off a bohemian vibe, therefore, I knew I wanted to go a little more boho with my look. The turtleneck and the hat add the ideal touch and the solid color of the turtleneck lets the necklace stand out on its own. The earrings screamed to be paired with a hat, that way they wouldn’t be hidden behind my hair. The crumpled dangle earrings and the statement fringe necklace are the perfect add-on to any boho look!”


We adore how Sarah from Boho and Braids paired the Beck & Boosh Fringe Necklace against this beautiful sweater. It really makes it pop & is oh so boho chic!


Make an amazing statement like Boho & Braids did by pairing the Beck & Boosh Crumple Dangle Earrings with a fashionable hat!


You can check out the Boho & Braids Blog Post HERE

Wild Rosebuds: “When I see fringe, I automatically think of the 70’s and fringe everything. That’s why when I saw the Beck and Boosh fringe necklace, it inspired me to put a 70’s twist on it. To make the outfit, I paired it with a batwing turtleneck sweater that also rocked the same vibe in my signature white (always matches gold perfectly) and made the look more modern with the most amazing pair of ripped 7 For All Mankind skinnies. The look was comfortable but if you threw on a pair of heels, it would be perfect for a date night.”


Here at Beck & Boosh we love a good pair of distressed jeans with a chunky sweater. Katie from Wild Rosebuds embodies this awesome look completely!


We love how the Statement Gold Fringe Necklace pops against Katie’s beige sweater!

FullSizeRender-7 IMG_3566 You can check out Wild Rosebuds Blog Post HERE

Also check out this segment where Wild Rosebuds looks absolutely stunning wearing the Beck & Boosh Crumpled Dangle Earrings on CTV Section Six. Click the Link below:

CTV Atlantic – Section Six – Wild Rosebuds

Here at Beck & Boosh we were definitely inspired by these ladies and how they styled our jewelry with their beautiful outfits. We hope you were inspired too! Remember to tag us in any of your photo’s wearing your Beck & Boosh so we can see how you styled your items and use #beckandboosh

We ALWAYS are inspired by our customers.

Until next time lovelies,

xo Janet/Beck & Boosh

Top 6 Customer Beck & Boosh Favorite’s


Recently we had a Contest for our customers on all of our Social Media Outlets. The question they were to answer was: What is your all time Favorite Beck & Boosh piece? It was extremely insightful and VERY helpful as to which direction our customer’s were swaying towards. Our customers are so important to us, so we take EVERYTHING into consideration that they have to say!

We kept a tally of all the jewelry, accessories and T-shirts. In no particular order, here is the Top 6 Beck & Boosh Favorite Pieces from the Contest:

1) Infinity Necklace: Timeless, Symbolic & Fashionable! It goes with every thing. We can see why this is one of our customer’s favorite pieces!


“Have the courage to believe in your infinite possibilities” Shop the necklace: Infinity Necklace


2) Anchor Studs: Anchors are here to stay in the fashion world, especially for us East Coasters! The Anchor Studs are definitely a go-to for every look. They come in Silver & Gold.

View More: http://wonkyeye.pass.us/january2014

The Anchor Studs come in Silver & Gold and look great with every type of outfit!


3) Vintage Jingle Necklace: This necklace looks amazing dressed up or dressed down! With the subtle jingle bell, it’s soothing to the soul all while looking stylish!


Available in Silver and Gold. Shop the necklaces: Vintage Jingle Necklace


The Vintage Jingle Necklace looks amazing paired with a chunky knit sweater or with your favorite dress! Clothing Provided by Pseudio for this photo shoot.

4) HOME T-Shirts: We totally understand why the HOME shirts are a customer favorite – we are all PROUD of where we call HOME Our T-shirts are available in all of the Atlantic Provinces, Cape Breton & Ontario!


Our HOME Shirts are available in all Atlantic Provinces, Cape Breton & Ontario. Check out the shirts by clicking here: HOME and PROUD Shirts


In this Picture: Nova Scotia HOME Regular fit and Nova Scotia Slim fit. Shop the shirts: HOME & PROUD Shirts

5) Arrow Necklace: Whether you are looking for direction, ambition, achievement or protection, the arrow is a powerful symbol! The Arrow Necklaces come in Silver or Antique Gold.


Shop the Arrow Necklaces by clicking here: Arrow Necklaces


The Arrow Necklace makes a great statement. It comes in 3 different lengths – 18″, 25″ or 30″

6) Khaleesi Inspired Statement Necklace: Our Khaleesi Inspired Statement Necklace is so versatile and comes in two different colors: Cobalt Blue & Sangria OR Silver & Black.


You can rock your Gold & Sangria Khaleesi Necklace paired down with your favorite shirts & sweaters. Shop the Khaleesi by clicking here: Khaleesi Statement Necklace


The Khaleesi makes a beautiful center piece for your entire outfit! Shop the look: www.beckandboosh.com

**The Top 6 Customer Favorite’s are also available at all Pseudio Locations. Check them out at a Pseudio near you. Also check out Pseudio on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to find out all the newest updates on what’s in store! :)

We just want to say how grateful we are to our customers – for always inspiring us and giving us amazing feedback! We have taken it ALL into consideration for our future designs! Remember to always tag us in your Beck & Boosh pieces with the hashtag #beckandboosh on all of our Social Media Sites.

Until next time lovelies,

xo The Beck & Boosh Team

Hong Kong: Our Buying Journey


In October 2014, I mentioned to Beck that we should attend a jewelry show in Hong Kong, instead of the planned show in India. Without one second of hesitation, Beck was on board and we began preparing. The months flew by and before we knew it, we were planning outfits, preparing new designs and getting ready for our journey! We were excited to meet new companies, expand our resources beyond India and discover the upcoming trends. The show hosts some of the best jewelry companies around Asia and is an amazing opportunity to see designs from Thailand, Philippines, Korea and China. Beck flew to Hong Kong from Canada, with a close friend of ours and I (Boosh), flew up from Australia, where I had been vacationing with my family. It was so exciting to meet up there and fulfill a dream of ours to attend such a huge international show together!

Beck's arrival in Hong Kong!

Beck’s arrival in Hong Kong!

Ready to hit the show!

Ready to hit the AFJA Fair on Day 1!

Beck & Boosh at the jewelry show on day 1!

Beck & Boosh at the jewelry show on day 1! On day 1 we spent the day roaming the fair and checking out all of the booths.

A large part of attending an international fair is connecting and beginning a relationship with suppliers. The relationship is extremely important and that is why attending the show and meeting the companies in person is vital for success. We learn about the facilities, the production process, the staff, and materials used in production during our interaction with the various companies.

Beck and I collaborating with a new company from China. Fanny, the manager was so innovative and awesome to work with!

Beck and I collaborating with a new company from China. Fanny, the manager was so innovative and awesome to work with!

Beck got to meet the family run company, Elcorp, from India that we work with!

Beck got to meet the family run company, Elcorp, from India that we work with!

On day 2 of the show we starting our buying and bringing some of our designs to life!

On day 2 of the show we started our buying and bringing some of our designs to life!

On day 3 (final day) we finished our buying for summer 2015 and fall/winter 15/16. It was a busy 3 days but it was such an incredible experience!

On day 3 (final day) we finished our buying for Summer 2015 and Fall/Winter 2015/16. It was a busy 3 days but it was such an incredible experience!

The whole trip was not ALL work… we had lots of fun in the evenings, eating out and shopping in the markets!

Our wonderful friend Natalie came with us! Beck and Nat spent a whole week in HK together, and I only had 4 days.

Our wonderful friend Natalie came with us! Beck and Nat spent a whole week in HK together sightseeing.

We also did some buying in the night markets where we bartered and bargained!

We also did some buying in the night markets where we bartered and bargained!

Beck trying to interpret Chinese menus. :)

Beck trying to interpret Chinese menus. :)

We roamed the hectic streets of Hong Kong...

We roamed the hectic streets of Hong Kong…

We travelled everywhere by subway, which was incredibly efficient and BUSY!!

We traveled everywhere by subway, which was incredibly efficient and BUSY!!

The streets, malls and stores were all still colourfully decorated from Chinese New Year

The streets, malls and stores were all still colorfully decorated from Chinese New Year.


Beck at a HUGE mall in Hong Kong! It was beautiful.

It would not have been the perfect trip without wearing our HOME & PROUD shirts in Hong Kong: IMG_8121 One word to describe our time in Hong Kong:


These lovely lights were just outside of our hotel! :)

We felt that attending the show was a huge success and we are also so excited to expand into China and diversify our designs! We can’t wait to show you all of our new designs for Summer 2015 and Fall/Winter 15/16! Till September Hong Kong, Beck & Boosh xo